Robert Kennedy is the most knowledgable home inspector that I know.  His expertise includes every element of a building.  Plumbing, structural elements, electrical, you name it, Robert knows it.  


I hire Rob to inspect all of my jobs before construction begins, so my clients and I are never met with "behind-the-walls" surprises.  He always saves us money and time, and is honest and professional.  


David Hale

Contractor and Building Manager

New York, NY

Robert Kennedy has worked on three very extensive renovations for my family. First, an 1880 apartment in NYC. He was the man in charge on the job and it was beautiful! Every detail. And this was a beautiful old apartment with many details in a landmarked building. Next we had a 1773 house and Robert started that by slowly jacking it up quite a few inches as it had fallen so much over the years. That job was very extensive and again Robert was in charge on site. And again, a beautiful job! And several years ago he was in charge for the last 4 months of a very extensive renovation of a 1850's farmhouse. And he did a great job. Hopefully we won't be moving any time soon but if we do we would want him right there!

Cynthia Williamson, Stonington, ME

This was the most thorough and helpful property assessment I could have hoped for.  A few months prior I had already had an engineer come in to do an initial assessment to help me and my wife make sure we were not missing any potential deal-breakers.  And indeed, this engineer thoroughly noted many of the aspects of the apartment and building that might be classed as "problems."  But what I didn't get from this engineer were three additional, crucial services that Rob brilliantly provided:  First, he answered every single one of my dozens of questions about the place with remarkable expertise and generosity with his time.  For example, I asked about a faint hairline crack in a part of the wall that shouldn't have been cracking, which lead Rob to explain not only the two most probable scenarios for the cause of the damage but also a step-by-step game plan for repairing it.  Second, I not only learned from Rob the current (and possible future) problems with the apartment but also—crucially—which ones needed immediate attention and which ones could wait and for how long.  In effect, Rob provided a long-term game plan for renovations, repairs, and maintenance.  Third, Rob provided the numbers; rough estimates for how much each situation could potentially cost to repair.  I can say that now three months after his assessment, a number of tradespeople — carpenter, plumber, electrician, plasterer, floor person — have seen, and in some cases done work on some of the problem areas Rob initially identified.  The cost of these renovations and the time required for their completion have very closely matched Rob's predictions.   I should also say here that Rob spent close to three hours assessing my two bedroom place, going over it with a fine-toothed comb — and I'm sure he would have stayed longer had I not run out of questions.  In short, I highly recommend a consultation with Rob.  He'll train your eye to see your home from the inside out, and he'll help you develop a realistic plan for getting it from what it is what you want it to be. 

Douglas S. Pfeiffer

Associate Professor of English
Undergraduate Program Director

Stony Brook University

"Robert Kennedy's carpentry experience and inspection expertise was critical to our purchase of a 100+ year old home in Branchburg, NJ.  He delivered an immensely detailed and comprehensive report which helped us negotiate a fair price before closing and later served us well when applying for permits from the township.  I highly recommend Kennedy Inspection to all potential buyers of any types of home."

Brian Bilsky, Branchburg, NJ

During our home inspection, Robert was very professional, informative and thorough. He took the time to explain his observations of the home and communicated any concerns clearly. He answered all of our questions with honesty and made us feel confident in our decision to purchase the home. He assisted us in organizing the information we needed to negotiate with the sellers, and connected us to a local and trusted company for a septic inspection. Robert helped alleviate the stress of buying a home. I highly recommend his service to anyone in this position!

Nicole and Matt Cannici

Rockaway, NJ